Exhibition Appearance Information

22 08 2016

It is with sad news that I must inform anyone that follows my artwork or anyone interested in viewing my latest sculptures in Europe, the opening of the exhibition at Dock Gallery HAS BEEN MOVED to September 10th for the galleries own reasons. It is with my deepest regrets that I will NOT be present at the gallery on that opening. I am so frustrated and disappointed I will not be there to enjoy everyone’s reaction to what I feel is my best work to date. However, it is out of my control. 

As originally planned I will be at the Dock Gallery for a soft opening of my work on September 3rd and 4th where there will still be a small reception. Please come see me and view the artwork. 

Also happening nearby is Rotterdam’s ‘World Port Days‘ which will host naval activities, demonstrations, live music, and fireworks among other things. It should be fun. 

So again, just to clarify, the official opening is now Sept. 10th, but I will only be in the gallery on Sept. 3rd and 4th.

Please note that my appearance in the above ad is incorrect. 



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