‘Carving at a Glacial Pace’ hometown preview

7 08 2016

From July 29th-31st, along with the Big Wills Arts Council, my wife and I hosted ‘Carving at a Glacial Pace’ for our hometown of Fort Payne, Alabama. Originally my vision for this event was to debut my latest work for my own community before it shipped to Europe for its official opening. ‘Carving at a Glacial Pace’ will open the evening of September 3rd at Dock Gallery in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This local show proved to be so much more than merely an art opening, but I am getting ahead of myself…

I had already been making the Glacial Series as early as 2013, but had temporarily moved away from it to pursue other projects. When Dock Gallery approached me about this solo show, I knew I wanted to focus on a centralized theme and see how far ideas could be pushed. Returning to the Glacial Series was only fitting as previous work had only scratched the surface of where this series could go.

I began working on sculptures for the Glacial Series and ‘Carving at a Glacial Pace’ around November/December of 2015. Not long after my good friends, David and Lesa Cummings whom are travel photographers, took a trip to Iceland, returning with marvelous images of glaciers, icebergs, mountains, and moraines. The exact subject matter I was working with. Along with photographs from my own adventures to the mountains of New Zealand, Washington, Colorado, and Switzerland, I began using the Cummings’ photos as reference for the sculptures.

When the time came to begin planning for the debut in Fort Payne, I thought what better than to also display the Cummings’ photography to tie the sculptures closer to their intended subject matter. I had no idea just how great it would allow the opening to flow. Add to that the gorgeous setting of Fort Payne’s own Coal & Iron Building, a food table fit for any professional gallery opening, and relentless marketing and promotion by both Big Wills Arts Council and Myself, and the outcome turned out to be bigger than I could have dreamed. ‘Carving at a Glacial Pace’ debuted as a social event bringing together not only our own community but art fans from the entire southeast. Throughout the weekend we would host nearly 300 attendees.

My sincere thanks to the Big Wills Arts Council for hosting the event; the city of Fort Payne for allowing the use of the Coal & Iron Building; Jeanne Manning and Ann Elton for making the setting even greater; Christy Brandon and Cindy Hill for the marvelous table spread; Orbix Hot Glass for allowing me to create my work at their studio; Eric Harper, Lori Cummings, and Anna Copeland for assisting me in the creation of what is in my opinion my best work to date, I could not have done this without you; David and Lesa Cummings for the use of their images as reference and for displaying their work during the exhibition; and lastly this event could have never happened, nor would it have been near as exceptional and professional, without my wife Victoria and Paige Davis, I am forever grateful. Lastly, thank you to our community for your support!


















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